Monday, October 04, 2021

Here is the time for the sayable, here is its homeland.

The pandemic can apparently be blamed on...Maine lobster

Driving in the countryside on Friday, we passed a sign that said "Death and Breakfast." Halloween-themed B&B, I guess.

We also saw the White Mountains as we drove; I know they're wee as far as mountains go, but they always make me say "Oh!"

And then Melissa got married, which was the loveliest. 

See what I mean? The loveliest.

Oh! And then I got to join Holly and Maia for a drizzly outdoor breakfast, then rally for reproductive rights with them and my girl. I love how 100% of the people you see at such gatherings are wearing masks and giving you space. 

On Sunday, Adam and I went for one last dogwalk before he heads back to SF for a spell. And Zoë indulged me by helping me figure out my beautiful new game, which as it turns out is fun to play and also, birds. 

And then Clover got skunked. I always run out of bandaids and tylenol, but let me tell you, I am never without a quart of hydrogen peroxide and a box of baking soda. 

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