Saturday, October 02, 2021

Tuppence a pound

Again, life goes in a flash — Mom and Dad were here for a wonderful and luxuriously long visit, and now they're home and it's October somehow!

I'm looking forward to The French Dispatch and this companion book of New Yorker essays that inspired Wes Anderson to write it.

The past few weeks in animals:

  • 2 ladybugs in the bathroom
  • little brown birds at the red feeder
  • mouse I hallucinated while I was mowing the grass
  • chipmunk-by-the-sea
  • silken windsocks on the dog beach 
  • 2 dead squirrels, one a mystery, the other a murder by a certain sweet dog 
  • Emily and Matt's beautiful chickens
  • a ruffled dove that looked like it was wearing a wedding dress
  • the Lord God Bird, gone 

Reading: Mysteries, always so calming. Books Mom left behind for me, and the library books I can never catch up with.

WatchingSacred Games with Zoë, which is great but really violent. She has seen it already and is constantly warning, "Oh, a disturbing part is coming up!" Also my regularly self-administered doses of xanax The Great British Baking Show.

Breathing more deeply now, aren't you?

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