Thursday, November 10, 2022

Do you want to make dreams, but not enough any time?

Tis the month when I normally post something every single day/whether or not I've got somethin' to say*

But not this November! I have just been taking notes, on scraps of paper, on electronic scraps of electronic paper, and in me own head. Things like

  • My own typos that are cracking me up: Security breeches
  • Things found on the internets that are cracking me up: Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo
  • I angrily returned a pair of sunglasses because they were crooked. It turns out my face is crooked (all the sunglasses, including the replacement pair, sit askew on my face. I guess I inherited my dad's uneven ears after all!)
  • On our way to the park with Clover in the morning, we watched a gaggle of geese cross the street in a line as meandering and leisurely as a group of middle school kids, while cars waited in both directions. Thirty seconds later, the geese were aloft, honking and flying low over our heads (I covered mine with my arms) en route to the pond. Walked across the street, then flew across the park.

And then, of course, there's the usual gleaning of the internets:


Who can blame them, really?

Synonyms for fuddled.

Never enough any time.

Of moste pleasaunte taste.

*poet/know it

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Crowds of men and women attired in the usual costumes

  • Last week (the week before?), Mark and I went to the pharmacy to get the latest in booster shots from a youthful pharmacist. When she asked me to confirm what shot I was getting, I said, "The...Covid...super duper booster?"
  • Later we met a dog from Topeka, a golden retriever named Jersey with a pretty white patch on her chest. Her person (name unknown) went to grad school at K.U.
  • I think I want to be composted when I die. I just have to hold off until they offer that option in more places (LIFE GOAL).
  • Here's a tip: don't look up scalding on Wikipedia.

And now onto an actual adventure we had, visiting Isaac and Edna in New York for a whirlwind weekend. Thanks to Janet, we had a luxurious Washington Heights apartment as a home base. We also had such great luck with everything: the subway, the weather, and (knock on wood) the Covid. Highlights:

  • A brief glimpse of Jonah (including hugs)
  • FOOD. Ramen at Minca. Breakfast sandwiches and donuts at Win Son Bakery. Coffee (and art) at Amant. More coffee at Buunni. A Chinese feast at Birds of a Feather. Breakfast and treats at Dutch Baby. *
  • Finally getting to be in Isaac and Edna's totally charming and cozy apartment and meet their even more charming cats, Kiki and Ilya. 

TBH as we drove out of Maine I thought "WHY?" but it turned out I was really glad we made this trip.

I mean, obviously I was glad. Being with these two in their natural habitat made me deliriously happy.

Isaac is magic.

Edna and Kiki at home.

*bonus: these were all outdoor dining situations, except for Birds of a Feather, where we sat at an indoor table beside a huge door open to the back patio.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

There is trouble until the robins come

I regret to inform you that I found something in my back yard this morning that reminded me of the thing with teeth incident of 2016Reader, it was a squirrel's tail with no squirrel attached to it. Now I will definitely live in fear of coming across its other body parts when I'm gardening. Mark is being way too reassuring: "No, it definitely ran off." WITHOUT ITS TAIL? IT RAN OFF TO SOMEONE ELSE'S BACK YARD, TAILLESS?

Right before I encountered the tail, I was delightedly following a butterfly, like a character in a David Lynch movie.

Compost bouquet.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

That's the world, and we all live there

Lately I worry that every personal email I send is going to be marked as spam. I just typed one to Mark with the subject line PUPPIES, containing nothing but a link. Then I added text: "Did you read this already?" Still pretty spammy. I am too lazy, usually, to type out chatter, and I'm so often just sending something funny or interesting that in the old Book-of-Faces days I would have "posted" on someone's "wall" or whatever. And in the even older days before that I would've cut out of the newspaper with scissors and mailed in an envelope.

I got a flu shot today, at the weird clinic where I also got two of my four Covid shots. It's an empty office building of some sort, re-purposed into a vaccine clinic. There are twisty, winding hallways marked with blue tape arrows so you can figure out how to escape at the end. It's full of huge empty rooms with one or two pieces of plastic-covered furniture:

A ghost is clearly sitting in the left-hand chair.

A white lady with dreadlocks gave me my shot, after saying some things I couldn't hear (she never got louder, even after I said, "I'm sorry, what?" a bunch of times, so I gave up and put a blank smile on my face). Then I think she offered me a Dum-dum from a cup that had only like four in it, which was next to a pile of unicorn stickers, and I smiled blankly and followed the blue arrows back to my car.