Saturday, October 09, 2021

When you see the world, introduce yourself like a guest

The world is actually wonderful:

  • The Italian For Dummies-type book behind the little La Mega coffee cart at the farmer's market
  • Someone practicing the trombone at night, standing in a third-floor window
  • Phoebe Bridgers playing in an exam room at Planned Parenthood
  • A sign in front of an elementary school that said HAVE YOU USED MATH TODAY? TALK WITH YOUR CHILDREN
  • In the quiet woods, I thought my stomach was making a really weird noise, but it was a drone overhead

Recent animals: 
  • A fox! (But only Mark saw it)
  • 8 geese very slowly crossing a busy street in a neat line, all cars and bikes patiently waiting for them
  • 3 border collies I didn't meet but heard about from a friendly person at an apple orchard — search and rescue border collies that work with the Maine warden service looking for lost folks in the woods

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