Friday, June 30, 2006


we pulled into the driveway around 3:30 yesterday afternoon and were greeted by a lonely minnowdog (who peed on the floor in excitement) and a lonely m (who did not). bean and boo have spent the day reuniting with friends, and i have been unpacking and organizing myself in preparation for a return to my non-sweatshop.

today i got a package in the mail! it was my very own amy sedaris pastry pouch from david and ellen, professing to miss us already, aw.


Anonymous said...

that is definitely cute ! did they see amy sedaris??

Artemis said...

you should make that your new icon picture, i like it

Liz Woodbury said...

that's a good idea, artemis!

no, they didn't see her (though together we listened to her on fresh air and watched her on david letterman, being bizarre). but david did track down lou sedaris's house in raleigh (a.k.a. the father of the talent family).