Sunday, July 02, 2006

is this what they call a meme?

for all y'all who want to know,

what i'm drinking: at cbb they call it a "gravitron." three shots of espresso over a huge cup of ice, topped off (in my case) with soy milk. and usually in my case i make it a decaf. also, lots of water, which i carry around in bean or boo's cool nalgene bottles.

what i'm watching: as a family, we just consumed the entire first disc of arrested development last night. next, i suppose, we'll move on to season two! also, this morning i watched a full hour of the tour de france (excitement at the end, when the riders suddenly "sprint," and mysteriously the seven in front are no longer in front, and then at the end some french guy sped up to win* and a norwegian guy was felled by a big plastic hand in the crowd which sliced his arm open). also, project runway starts july 12th, foiling any intentions of finally cancelling that goldarned cable service.

what i am reading: after finally finishing the sexual politics of meat, i am enjoying daughter of fortune, which i borrowed from holly (i think i forgot to mention to her that i was borrowing it, so i guess officially i stole it). i'm also catching up on those new yorkers which breed like rabbits when you leave home for a couple of weeks.

*okay, i've been corrected by my sports fan brother ("go 'canes!"). the french guy did not "win," per se, he only crossed the finish line first and with a gesture of triumph. apparently this means nothing in the mysterious world of la tour.

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