Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I can see Venus through my kitchen window

This month seems to be wiiiiinding down (ah, there's still a full week left, I see). A looming dilemma at the moment is: should I set my alarm for six and treat tomorrow like a regular day, or sleep in? Either way, I will make a salad and we'll take it to Mitchell's house, where we'll all participate in the festive holiday tradition of drug store quick Covid tests before (with any luck) tucking into a small Thanksgiving feast.

There will be nearly as many dogs as humans there (three!). And in other dog news, an Irish wolfhound is coming over to watch basketball tonight. 

I'm at the stage of Christmas shopping where I'm prematurely smug about all I've accomplished, when in reality I've bought three things for one person and contemplated about five other purchases. I think I need to make some more lists.

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