Monday, November 22, 2021

If you could take the day by the hand

Yesterday we accomplished so much and yet still managed not to cross off several top items on our to-do list, including removing the last air conditioner from the window and hauling all three to the basement. Imagining it still there on Thanksgiving is bringing to mind the time Mark brought home an old metal desk he found and left in in the back yard, as I pestered him for weeks about bringing it indoors. "Snow is going to fall on that thing,"  I predicted, and Reader, it did. 

I hacked mercilessly at the enormous patch of beach roses in the front yard in my new quest to tame them to a small, manageable shrub. I want to replace most of them with native stuff — maybe bayberry and blueberry and elderberry bushes. There's also a rose species that would be a nice substitute, Virginia Rose. 

Okay, off to have a Monday now. The sky is smoky gray at 7 am, very November. 

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