Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tomato tomato

I'm forever advising people to keep a dream journal and not doing it myself. My dreams last night a few nights ago were dense, the kind that feel like they go on for hours. I was driving to Emily's house (which was in upstate New York), worried because I was late to her wedding AGAIN, and that while she forgave me for being late to her first wedding, she'd never forgive me for being late to her second wedding (to the same person).*

There was more, and more, and more, but that's what I remember now.

My co-worker got a shot of botox in a wrinkle she hated. You can't notice it at all (although I never noticed the wrinkle). She is so happy about it. She and I are almost exactly the same age.

I think I need want a store-bought haircut.

I made red lentil dal but substituted coconut milk for some of the water = comfort food.

I tried poké last night, and I am in love. I had spicy tuna, and it was a delicious bowl of deliciousness, with tuna, spicy sauce, edamame, crab, seaweed salad, something crunchy, brown sushi rice... That's my new desert island food choice, if it can be counted as a single food. 

*Truth=I was late to her wedding, six months pregnant, in a car with Mark and Holly, and the way I remember it, I changed into the one pretty maternity dress I owned (and which I wore to three weddings that summer/fall) in the moving car. We were late in part because this was pre-GPS, and the upstate New York road we were on suddenly just ended in a ROAD CLOSED sign, and we had to re-navigate using a paper map.

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