Saturday, September 23, 2017


I keep going back to this poem.

"I thought about what I wanted for you—
(love love and more love)
but you were already you,
not an outgrowth of my mind"

I am good at #3 and #4 in Jung's list of five things important for living a happy life.

Are we living in a simulation? Prolly.

I realized the other day that I was experiencing being hangry. I hadn't eaten since a stupid bowl of cereal at 9 or something, and somehow it was 5:30 and I was in Whole Foods looking for the fucking soft corn tortillas. Ugh, I just...hated everyone there for a minute. Everyone. I was annoyed by this woman talking on her phone in some melodious foreign language who I kept finding myself walking past, and the Whole Foods employees laughing together and not being immediately available to tell me where the hell they keep the soft corn tortillas,* and the slow slow slow elderly woman contemplating mid-aisle... Also, I felt like I looked like a person who rolled out of bed at went to the grocery store in her pajamas (although I was fully dressed and had just been interacting in a work situation with other grownup humans). So I bought a bar that had almonds and sweetness in it and ate it in the car.

*I did eventually find them, and Mark made me a taco when I got home.

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