Friday, September 22, 2017


I drove to Chicago (all things know, all things know) and back. Mom and Dad and I are great road trip companions, and we had only as many adventures as we wanted to have.

Saddest little rest area shop display in Ohio.

Zoë doesn't officially start classes til next Monday, so we got to do a lot of fun activities with her, including the architectural boat tour on the Chicago River.

They would be cool even if they weren't iconic.

Mom, Zoë, and I also got to spend an afternoon at a giant, wonderful, strange Korean spa. There were two sections, one with "baths" and lots of naked ladies (including us), and another with dry saunas, nap rooms, a movie room, a restaurant, an "oxygen room," a freezing cold "ice room," game rooms, and more. Also there were people of every gender clothed in what I thought of as prison jammies.

Illicit locker room photo, featuring me looking slightly hysterical. Later, I was disconcerted enough at the being naked part that I kept leaving my locker open with all my worldly goods inside.

If you ever get to go to a Korean spa, I recommend it. There's one in Dallas that has a waterpark attached to it.

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