Wednesday, September 27, 2017


We're going camping on Friday!

Mitchell loaned us this lovely big tent, and we practiced putting it up in the back yard. 

We used to camp, and we even owned camping gear...a tent, metal plates, that sort of thing. And we always talked about taking the kids camping. But then 25 years just went by somehow. Mark found our tent in a big plastic bin in the basement. It smelled terrible.

Our pal Mitchell's tent is all newish and color-coded, for nearly foolproof pitching.

We will see if we remember how to do it (camping, that is). "What if we get bored?" said Mark. But we're bringing things to eat and drink, a stack of New Yorkers, hiking shoes, and two goofy dogs.

I'll call this one "Indignities of the Flesh."
In medical news, all is well and mammography has gone 3-D.

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