Saturday, November 22, 2014


The day went pretty much like this. Mark and I had our arms straight up in the air basically all day long, and as a result about half of our ceiling is up, nailed there, not going anywhere. Thank heavens (and our friend Mitchell) for this lovely nail gun. These tongue-in-groove boards are so long, and sometimes a tiny bit warped, and the tongues don't always want to slide nicely into the grooves. There is banging and hammering and shoving and stuff involved, all while someone (me) stands at one end desperately holding the board against the plaster overhead. And then there's the trimming and cutting holes for light fixtures and the weird, non-straight walls, etc (I do so love the smell of sawdust, though).

Anyway, we had a couple of bright spots in our day: first, picking Jonah up at the bus station, and second, getting Thai carryout. A low spot in between was having a carefully situated electrical cord fall out of a hole in the ceiling (long story). It took us an hour and a half, two unspooled wire hangers, lots of duct tape, and the long arms of a certain tall nephew to get the cord threaded from one hole up through the ceiling and back down through another hole. I can't even begin to describe the thrills and chills.

OH if you love Serial like I do, you might enjoy the meta wonderland which is Slate's weekly podcast about a weekly podcast. And you know what? Other podcasts are podcasting about it, too!


Holly said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!! Your arms must be exhausted! Enjoy your visit with Jonah!!

unemployed negativity said...

The boards look great installed.

Liz Woodbury said...

Maybe the whole ceiling will be finished for your birthday celebration!!

Liz Woodbury said...

Thanks, Holly--I can't wait for you to come see it in person!!