Friday, November 21, 2014


One thing about painting rooms white is that it's super obvious when there is a spider hanging out where the wall meets the ceiling. I would like them to move along on their own, but this time of year I find myself accidentally on purpose murdering several of them.

Speaking of this time of year, next week is Thanksgiving! I know, right? We still have to clean up our yard of its summer accessories (grill, chairs, etc). At least I got all the storm windows closed before the latest arctic blast or whatever descended.

My sweetie Jonah arrives tomorrow for the holiday week, and then Monday Mark's mom is coming, and then Wednesday it'll be Isaac and Zoë and Zoë's petite amie! I am starting my manic cleaning routine, wherein I attempt to remove every mote of dust and speck of pet dander from Z's room, and we make sure we have enough pillows and blankets and air mattresses for every body that will be resting here.

Here is a gratuitous wet puppy picture.

Kiss kiss.

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