Sunday, August 03, 2014

Purple Potatoes

There will not be a color theme this month. However, Mark bought little heirloom potatoes at the farmer's market yesterday, as well as salad greens, enormous beets, tiny cucumbers, and pastured eggs. Tonight I made what's become the meal of the summer, a big salad with lots of stuff in it. Often we'll also grill something--tofu or fish--but tonight I just roasted the beets, and the purple potatoes, hard boiled some eggs, drizzled homemade balsamic dressing over the whole thing. We ate crammed in the kitchen at our big table, which is shoved in there against the dishwasher as the dining room painting project continues.

I feel like we're nesting, the way you do before a baby is born--I'm not sure if it's in preparation for Zoƫ's return in two weeks, or the emptying of the nest two weeks after that.

We watched a terrible movie. It probably calls for a haiku.

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