Saturday, August 02, 2014

White Paint

Wherein I attempt to "blog" from my phone, because I'm lying in bed much too lazy to go downstairs although I'm determined to write something here to mark August the Second. Every time I hear someone declare that no one reads (or writes in) blogs anymore, half of my brain says, "Ah, so true," while the other half figuratively kicks me for allowing the Book of Faces to ruin every last thing.

We painted today--white, over the blues and the orange. There's another coat to come, but it's not cold or stark so far as we feared. Just clean and bright. After a day of painting, Mark and I split a chocolate milkshake for dinner. The boychild was at work and didn't witness this. He eats a lot of Indian food for his meals these days. Four weeks of summer remain.

I would post a photo, but my phone and Blogger are barely on speaking terms.

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