Monday, August 04, 2014


I interrupt my semi-productive workday to update this, my August bloggg. The weather is funny today, cold-hot, shivery-sweaty. We are not putting white paint coat number three on the walls this afternoon, because the light is gone already, it's so hazy and dull outside. Tomorrow is the day, and then we can move the furniture back in and see what we think--too stark, or no? It sure is looking clean in there!

These dogs. Do they have any idea how good they've got it? See Gus, right at the front of the swimming pack? He is still a popular fellow on the beach, though he's more...chill. He doesn't necessarily put a lampshade on his head and spazz out like he used to. He's kind of grown up and mature now, although he does usually go bananas and race around the beach like a crazy dog at least once while we're there.

Back to work, you. I said to myself.

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