Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Freezings Have I Felt, What Dark Days Seen

It's a shivery, blustery day. The kind of day a person might think, "Some people live in the desert. Some people live in Florida. Some people live places where spring starts to show its face in February, where flowering trees are what March is all about." I'll admit, I feel a little complainy today as I watch the flurrying snow blow sideways past the window and huddle in my warmest wooliest sweater wishing we had more pellets for the stove. Drinking so much tea, for the hot cup in my hands.

A few days ago I bought flowers at Trader Joe's,* and after I put my groceries in the car and returned my cart, I came back and didn't recognize my car because there were flowers in it.

If you look carefully--really carefully--at the photo above, you can see there's a cat in it.

*Also, I had my favorite cashier at TJ's, the one who finds any excuse he can to give you a high five.

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