Saturday, November 09, 2013


The Conjuring

There were many times
I covered my eyes and moaned,
"Too scary for me."


holly said...

oh, HELLO! i found your blog, as if i had lost it! (new computer/no bookmarks/the start of school...i don't have any good excuses) this conjuring looks TOO SCARY FOR ME too...the woman in it is vera farmiga....she's a friend of a friend (val has visited at her little home in new paltz where she sometimes lives with sweet family and herd of goats) and is quite lovely-friendly and down to earth...she does make some SCARY movies, tho...xoxo

Liz Woodbury said...

I'm SO happy you found me again! Yes, The Conjuring is TOO SCARY for you, I can attest. I love Vera Farmiga--did you see the movie she directed (and co-stars in with her much younger sister playing a younger version of herself), Higher Ground? It's wonderful. I love her even more now that I know she has a sweet family and a herd of goats that Val has actually met!!!