Sunday, November 10, 2013


I kind of want to do this while listening to Bon Iver. I did take a lil' nap earlier, lying on the little couch beside the pellet stove, reading The Year of the Goat and daydreaming about my goat herd (not my goatherd, although I'm positive that Mark would be just as good at that and cheesemaking, or whatever, as he is at tiling and plumbing and computering and electrical repairs, etc).

Today the Dancer came over for tea and also there was coffee and bagels from Union Bagel Co and dogwalks and cozy cats. Upstairs, Mark is finishing the installation of beadboard in the bathroom. Just you wait, blog friends, I will post an After photo of that bathroom one of these fine days that will amaze and charm you. Yesterday I was equally productive, painting all the trim in the dining room and kitchen. Today's been dark and sleepy, despite all the coffee and tea.

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