Friday, November 08, 2013


It's that time of year--dark, dark, dark at 4:30pm. Crunchy leaves, pellet stove, gloves, my famous hot bag of corn.

We had what is likely to be Isaac's last ever conference at The Learning Shack this week. This is our final autumn of high school as a family. Weird, this time passing thing. We also learned this week that Zoë is definitely coming back to these United States next semester! She'll spend her winter break (which starts December second) gallivanting around Europe, and then she'll head back to New York in January to dive back into the challenging classes she loves. I'm happy when she's happy, no matter where in the world she might be, but all three of us are pretty much jumping up and down with excitement about her coming back!

On a final note, please watch this lovely, lovely video directed by our friend Charlotte Royer (Zoë and Isaac's former babysitter of awesomeness and current filmmaker). Featuring many loved ones, including my boy and also my Maine. The best thing about this is that Zoë just coincidentally happened to watch it with some friends in Madurai--first, she said, "Hey, she was my babysitter!" And then, "Wait a minute, that's my brother!"

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Melissa Crowe said...


And hooray about the girl! I hope I get to see her again sometime soon. (And you!)