Monday, October 17, 2011

different from what any one supposed

some birthdays happened last week! first mark's, featuring pumpkin waffles for breakfast.

and then mine, which had more of a doughnut theme...

there were many other celebratory events, in addition to the consumption of waffles and doughnuts. there was pie, for example. and a feast at asmara. my gift from cousin-uncle meiklejohn was like my very own make-a-wish dream come true: foley for a day on his latest film. not to mention sweet emails, tweets, cards, gifts, lunches with friends, and book-of-faces messages, which i love love love. also, now, i am an even number of years, my favorite.

and on saturday i got a second feast, this one with my mom and dad at green elephant, and then a birthday hike up my favorite little mountain. it was far more treacherous than usual because it was wet -- think 1300 feet of slippery rocks coated with even more slippery leaves. but as usual, it was worth it when we got to the top ("like childbirth!" said my mom).


maman et moi.

mon papa.

(mark was there too!)

as a little birthday present to myself, i bought this poetry app for MYphone. it's called poem flow, and it's free for a limited number of daily poems that flow "in a gentle reading application" which is actually much more wonderful than that description makes it sound. it's a really organic way to read a poem. the words appear on the screen sort of in the rhythm you might read the poem aloud. it's nice. i bought myself three months' worth of extra poems.

(from song of myself by walt whitman)

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mama d said...

I hope Walt Whitman is right about that! And it sounds like a great birthday week!