Thursday, July 07, 2011

half nested again

while this bird gets herself settled back into life at home,

spending time with this guy, and time alone, and time with friends,

oh, and digging through the box that finally arrived two months after it was mailed from china (minus many books, most of them illegal dalai lama contraband),

(max acting out his fury at the chinese government, below)

reviving the old scrabble club, meditating with the buddhists, making plans, eating delicious food, worrying about life a bit, taking walks, and reveling in clean-smelling clothing, comfortable beds, and western-style toilets,

this bird has flown to cambridge, where he's spending most of the month of july attending an architecture/design program at harvard design school.

so the boy is off to a great start, living the urban life with the coolest grandparents ever, commuting to harvard square, and designing things all day. he'll have a new project each week, and he's planning to come home on the weekends for some maine breezes, bike riding, frisbee throwing, and hanging out with friends.

above, his very own desk. below, something cool looking that he made.

so we're down one kid again, at least during the week. luckily we've got some extras from time to time, in max, adrienne, miss gliss, lilly, anthony, and more. stay tuned for the highlights of max and zoë's welcome home (maine-themed) party this weekend.

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