Monday, July 11, 2011

always fires after midnight

it was zoë and max's party weekend, maine-themed, complete with a casco bay lines piñata, bread in a can, plenty of moxie, homemade vegan whoopie pies, and much more. oh, like a watermelon cut with a samurai sword.

yep. because it's not a party without a samurai sword and fire jumping.*

and the chair trick, although the party was replete with shorties who seemed to think that the "trick" was them getting to sit in a chair and be lifted into the air by a bunch of people. i've decided that trick is for grownups. can you sense in the photo below that i'm losing patience?

the piñata was so heavy it required four grown men to hoist it.

but one girl in a dirndl was nearly enough to defeat it.

after the sun goes down, the fire games begin.*

we had our boy home for the weekend, my mom and dad here not only for the party, but also a celebration the next day of mom's birthday, complete with dog walks and leftover blueberry buckle and lunch at gogi. summer, i like you.

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