Friday, May 21, 2010

tiny arm in the grass

when i was walking minnow yesterday, i saw this tiny plastic arm.

in other news, today was zoë's last friday of high school (she will go to school next thursday and friday but will only be practicing for graduation. you know that slow-motion graduation walk in those long robes? yeah, that). she just returned from a few fun days representing afghanistan at model un, and there have been these very emotional "final word" presentations going on at the learning shack almost every day. and by "emotional" i mean that each senior is presenting a very short speech, and the vast majority of these speeches are personal, revealing, heartfelt, and spoken through at least a few tears. after each speech, a teacher, student, and parent or family friend stands up and says something about the speaker and why he or she is ready to graduate, and then they also cry. most of the people in the audience cry too. kleenex is passed around. today max did his final word, and it was amazing -- honest and moving. it did in fact make me cry. zoë's final word is monday morning, and although she swears it won't be a tear jerker, i still plan on weeping.

also, zoë and max decided at the eleventh hour to go to their prom tomorrow night. pictures will be taken, never you fear.

last night we got to accompany isaac to a sort of freshman orientation at the shack, which was pretty fun. he got to meet his freshman crew and some of his teachers and spend some time hanging out there while the whole school assembled for a potluck meal and learning shack-style student entertainment. i'm really happy that he will be there for high school; it's such a wacky place.


holly kellogg said...

i'm tear-ing up just THINKING about it! a great post would be a comparison between prom 1985 and prom 2010! you MUST have pictures somewhere!

Liz Woodbury said...

what a great idea -- i'm going to start looking!