Sunday, May 23, 2010


the prom was a smashing success. as promised, i present a bunch of photos -- for even more, look over here. early in the day, zoë and i obtained a few essential prom items, like white flip flops and a lemon thyme plant from the farmer's market.

she made a lovely boutonnière for max from thyme and mint. it was entirely edible.

i stole a daisy from a roadside bank of them growing wild, and she wore it in her hair with a sprig of thyme.

zoë tried on a bazillion dresses, some at vintage shops and many borrowed from generous friends. in the end, she chose one from her own closet, a 1970s gunne sax dress that she thought didn't fit anymore, but magically did! she looked beautiful.

they wore flip flops.

oliver (who is a sophomore) got himself a date to the prom, and he came along.

yes, max did manage to eat his entire boutonnière by the end of the evening.

their prom was on a boat; here they are just about to climb aboard.

the report post-prom was that it was really, really fun. nobody cried, and zoë even danced a little bit. after weeks of hesitation about whether to go or not, and their last minute decision to do it, i think they're both completely happy that they went to their prom. and i certainly am, because i got to take so many gorgeous pictures of them.


margot said...

i like that picture of max and oliver and me because i look like crazily happy. i never look happy in photographs.

holly kellogg said...

margot, i was going to say almost the exact same thing! so glad miss margot had a wonderful time!

Emily said...

Ella said Zoe looks a Jane Austen character. It sounds like a perfect night!