Tuesday, May 25, 2010


it's all starting to feel kind of like rolling down a hill: a cold spring has abruptly turned into summer sunlight and temperatures (over ninety degrees today). it's hard for all of us to do basic school year-type things like homework, getting to bed at a halfway decent time, remembering to buy food for isaac to take for lunch...things like that. my living room is usually full of bikes. there are generally flipflops all over the house and a continuous shortage of ice cubes in the freezer. we've all four become addicted to big green salads with walnuts and cranberries and balsamic vinaigrette.

tomorrow is zoë's last day of high school, ever. she presented her final word on monday, and she did such a beautiful job. it was funny and authentic, and it included a visual aid (this photograph) and she even sang a line from the song brandi (i am pretty sure she was the only final word presenter who sang). her beloved charlotte returned from france just in time to say some sweet words about her (literally - she flew home the day before). her favorite teacher spoke and read a poem that made zoë cry a little, and then mark spoke through tears about her readiness to graduate, and about how inspiring she is to him. i told you it was a weep-fest! i'm almost done crying at the learning shack (i've become a little addicted to it, actually). next tuesday there is a senior assembly, and then wednesday she graduates.

and meanwhile, my baby turns fourteen the day after tomorrow.

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