Friday, May 07, 2010


above, lilacs from sweet artemis, who came by for a visit yesterday. they inspired me to cut some from our sole remaining lilac, a white one that leans precariously against the fence but smells so good.

below, my view from the car in the hannaford parking lot. i've been spending a disturbing amount of time at hannaford lately, due to my poor planning and lack of initiative. and being too lazy to do a full-out shopping trip. i can only decide what i want to make for dinner around five o'clock each evening, and back to the store i go. like a french woman off to the market, sort of.


erin said...

I try to go shopping once a week, but Olivia (the red head) eats two apples and two bananas (at least) everyday. We run out for fruit twice a week on top of our regular shopping trip!

mama d said...

Hey, don't knock my shopping system! It's been working for years, and a side benefit is that by shopping every day, you spend more money than you really need to!