Sunday, May 09, 2010

dear mom,

happy mother's day! i've always felt like mother's day is yours and no one else's (i remember being a kid and resenting so much the implication - or instruction - that i should be calling my grandmother on mother's day, even though i adored her, because she wasn't my mother). also, ahem, you just happen to be the best mom ever. you set the standard, and you've made it so easy to be a good mom, because mostly i just try to do the things that you did. and i love knowing that if you weren't my mom, and we randomly met, we would be great friends (just like we are in real life).

i am trying to broaden my mind, though, and also think adoringly of my other favorite moms today, including m's sweet sweet mom; my very best friend; my wonderful sisters-in-law; mama d; the dancer lady; and so many more. but my very favorite thing is being with my kids on mother's day. i can't believe my luck in being their mom.

above, little boo, around age four, at the brand new casco bay books. below, baby bean and me on the ferry to block island, summer of 1994.


holly kellogg said...

god, i love those pictures! you're one of the very best moms i know, and i try to think what YOU would do when i have a question!

Liz Woodbury said...

really? cause i think you're an amazing mom, holly -- you are so calm under pressure, and you have always spoken to your kids like they are intelligent people (as a result, THEY ARE)... i could go on and on, but i love watching you with them.

mama d said...