Tuesday, May 18, 2010

days go by

art magically appears on the chalkboard door in the kitchen.

i go to the post office, where my favorite thing is checking our box. i think the post office boxes are gorgeous and kind of mysterious.

boo acquires additions to his wardrobe. some of these items are green.

i take minnow to the vet for his lyme vaccine. we both love her, because she sits on the floor with him, lets him lick her entire face, and says, "who's the best dog in the whole world? you are. you are."


erin said...

I want loafers. I need them. And little bobby socks. Are there such things as bobby socks?

I'm not sure if The Bachelor and The Bobby Soxer is really referring to actual socks?

Liz Woodbury said...

these are actually boots -- awesome boots! but bean found some nice classic loafers at goodwill. and yes, my dear, there are such things as bobby socks.