Wednesday, November 11, 2009

final college tour 2009

today bean and i embark on a college wrap-up tour, cramming in a few more campuses for her perusal before the girl has to sit down and finish her applications, write all of those essays for real, and mail everything off. or, well, hit the "send" button on the common application, actually. she knows for sure that she is applying to

the university of chicago
barnard college
macalester college
the university of kansas

i wanted her to be able to see a few more, plus it's a great excuse to stay with holly for several days! so, day one (today), our itinerary is thus:

*get up super super early, hit the road at 5 am
*drive to poughkeepsie
*attend the vassar fall open house all afternoon
*drive to holly's house in connecticut

we have stolen our family's sole car, leaving m and boo with only their feet and their bicycles for transportation.* we will return to them late on saturday. more college details to follow!

*update: thanks to the generosity of mama d, those boys now have a car at their disposal!


mama d said...

This is certain to be a very exciting trip! I find myself wishing you could somehow include Haverford...maybe a middle-of-the-night visit?

Julie Falatko said...

Now I feel old. It never occurred to me that the Common Application might be online now. I remember filling that out, by hand, with a PEN. Not even typing. How did I manage to get into college? Sheesh.

Have a great time! Looking at colleges sounds like great fun to me right now. Stone buildings! Young co-eds! DORMS!

Liz Woodbury said...

phew, it was fun but exhausting. tours in the rain are less fun than tours not in the rain. more details to follow!