Tuesday, November 10, 2009


saturday night bean and i went to see coco before chanel with emily and eva. i always love looking at audrey tautou for a couple of hours, and the scenes like the one pictured above, actual sewing scenes, were great. she made hats, and she stole clothes from men's closets, snipped at them with her huge silver scissors, and - voila! - a cute outfit. she got the idea for that stripey shirt from french fishermen. however, there was far too much about romance in this movie, too much of "she doesn't believe in love until she suddenly does, and then SPOILER ALERT her true love dies and she has no choice but to become a success - a cold and stiff success, but a success nonetheless." also, bean will confirm that i predicted her true love was going to die about thirty seconds before he did. also, i was offended by the first line in the epilogue: "coco chanel never married."

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