Thursday, August 06, 2009

yo, check out his grillz

boo got braces yesterday!




so far, he is not a fan of them. ask him again in a couple of weeks!


erin said...

Rose has to get them soon too. She talks about how upset she is at me, Jeremiah and her Dad for making her get them.

I told her to blame the orthodontist, not us.

Jeremiah told her to blame genetics.

I have no idea what her dad told her...
Isn't it a good thing we're all on the same page here? ;)

Liz Woodbury said...

yeah, bean was somewhat more excited about having straight teeth at the end of it -- boo thinks the whole thing's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Our son, Sebastian, initially hated us for having braces installed in his mouth. He made life quite difficult and pretty much hated them for the entire two year period he wore them. Now that they've been removed and his smile is quite beautiful, he says that it was worth it! Hope Boo's not in too much pain. I guess it's quite uncomfortable.


Boo said...

They aren't worth it. I will never give in to the scam that is "braces".

mama d said...

All three girls in this house survived it, and Michaela had something brace-related in her mouth from age 7 to age 16. None of them liked it, and they hated their smarmy orthodontist. The one thing that I can say about "the scam that is braces", besides the fact that they make your teeth look good, is that having straight teeth and a correct bite can make your life easier when you reach an age that Boo can't even imagine!