Wednesday, August 05, 2009

a very fine house

we've been spending a lot of quality time with a whole bunch of worker guys. two or three of them are on our roof at all times, pulling off the old and hammering on the new. the last couple of days the front of our house has been shrouded in a blue tarp which makes us feel like we're living inside some eerie little cave or something.

roof tiles go raining down past that blue tarp, and feet appear in windows. we awake around eight every morning to the sound of pounding and the whole house shaking.

the roof is pretty exciting, but even more thrilling is the fact that we are getting all new windows and insulation in our sunroom, effectively turning what has always been a summer-only room into a year-round one. it is also just about the prettiest room in our house, surrounded by lovely old hydrangea bushes and filled with lovely light.

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