Sunday, July 05, 2009


has anyone else ever noticed that itunes genius likes to group bands with animal names together? like i'm listening to andrew bird, and i click on the genius thing and i get

grizzly bear
animal collective
fleet foxes
the dodos
bat for lashes
(that last one could refer to an animal or not)



unemployed negativity said...


Animal names seem to be big now. Genius isn't wrong, a lot of those bands have similar sounds or at least are liked by the same people.

Do you think the people at Apple sufficiently considered all of the sarcasm that the Genius would invite? Whenever it "suggests" some obvious band I can't help but think to myself "way to go Genius." Perhaps they should've set the bar a bit lower, and called it Helpful--it doesn't have the same ring, but you can't blame it for being helpful.


Artemis said...

fleet foxes are decent