Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sloppy joe night

it's that time of the week/month again: sloppy joe night at our house! we'll see how david likes our vegetarian sloppy joes. also, whether or not he likes tots (despite their primary ingredient, potatoes).

today was another camera-less day, so here are my wordy snapshots (or wortebilder, as adam likes to call them):

*it did rain for a lot of the day, so after david's breakfast-cooking extravaganza, he and boo spent a lot of time playing computer games (they are both pretty addicted to linerider).

*in the afternoon, the sun came out and we joined a bunch of bean's friends at beal's ice cream. two of them are leaving tomorrow for their years abroad -- to the czech republic and hungary -- and anna, from norway, was there too. allison perkins, who is an afs volunteer and runs the program at bean's school, gave the three travelers gifts of passport/plane ticket travel wallets. devyn gave them each phone cards. now all my girl needs is a suitcase and a plug adaptor, some euros in her pocket, and she'll be all set! david tried three flavors of ice cream: cookies n cream, fudge ripple, and coffee. many friends said goodbye to each other, and some tears were shed.

*driving home, the view looking across the back cove toward portland was particularly pretty (i think it's that sad late summer light that makes everything so lovely), but we'd forgotten our actual cameras, and of course my phone is just a phone right now.

*m is in charge of sloppy joe night, and then after dinner some of us (i.e. maybe not me, cause i'm lazy) are going bowling.


Anonymous said...

let me share my experiences wzth the AFS students traveling. Weight of the luggage is always an issue. When they leave and in particular when they return. Weight of the luggage with AFS is strictly limited to 20 Kg. Every pound counts. For the lightest though stable suitcases I recomend a company starting with the letter R.

Liz Woodbury said...

is it the kind of suitcase david has? because they seem great -- very sturdy and lightweight. we have already started trying to figure out how much 45 pounds is (approximately 20 kg). luckily, the girl is a light packer!

Artemis said...

Liz, you have an iPhone! the iPhone is never just a phone, it has several amazing capabilities! First, it has GPS, FANTASTIC! Buy it! Secondly, it has a touch screen! FABULOUS! Buy It! Thirdly, it has an iPod, and a phone, and a camera, arranged very neatly in one device! INCREDIBLE! Buy It! Oh, we should mention to you that the camera can break often...(it's in fine print in the manual) :)