Tuesday, August 19, 2008

iphone troubles

currently, MYphone won't take any photos, which is very frustrating considering all the great photo ops around here. i have a troubleshooting plan, but i am waiting for the assistance of my personal tech guy (m).

meanwhile, imagine if you will these pictures:

*boo, m, and david shooting hoops at the local elementary school playground in the dark last night -- until a neighbor called the cops! i think she was a little crazy, since instead of asking them to be quiet/go home, she stood on her porch with her cell phone and called the police, who were extremely friendly when they arrived, almost apologetically explaining that the playground closes at 9pm.

*bean and david at a party for bean's friend kayla, who leaves tomorrow for the czech republic. i don't think david loved the music at the party (not hiphop), but i'm pretty sure he had fun with bean's friends (and anna, an afs exchange student from norway who is living with devyn this year), enjoyed the food and conversation and frisbee. not so much the mosquitoes, though.

*boo and david enjoying many of the same video games -- can i just tell you how sad boo is going to be when david leaves on friday?

*david cooking "german eggs" for boo this morning: onions, veggie bacon, salt, pepper, various herbs and spices...delicious!

(note: david is not a picky eater: so far, the only foods he doesn't like are potatoes and saurkraut. isn't that funny, for a german boy?)

*bean, boo, david, devyn, gareth and anna at the movies watching the dark knight yesterday afternoon. everyone liked it.

stay tuned for more adventures... and, i hope, photographic documentation of them.


Adam said...

What great wortebilder! (My made up German word, 'wordpictures'. Actually, probably eine gute deutche wort.)

Do you have an Apple store you can take your iPhone to??

Liz Woodbury said...

the closest apple store right now, as far as i know, is in boston -- however, there is a new one opening this fall at the maine mall.

and i have great hope from a forum i found online that i can fix it myself... so far, i've found great troubleshooting advice for every little glitch that's come up.

Anonymous said...

Excactly the same brand and model David has, if weight counts.