Sunday, August 17, 2008


(not a terrible disease, though it may sound like one)

we are the welcome family for a german exchange student this week; on friday his permanent, year-long family will pick him up and take him to their home in ellsworth. he is a very nice sixteen year-old boy named david. above, boo is wearing the eisbar ski hat which was one of our gifts from david. note david's hip hop style!

below, another gift, this one a bavarian hat that looks great on everyone, but especially bean:

after we picked david up at bates college yesterday, we took him to silly's (where he ate his first ever burrio and sweet potato fries), and then to kettle cove to see the sunset. about a billion mosquitoes joined us there, so we snapped some hasty photos and ran back to the car (some woman deeply insulted us by informing us that we "must not be from maine" when i mentioned coming back when it's not so buggy).

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Artemis said...

that's one awesome hat bean!!