Thursday, July 24, 2008

north carolina

after a false start (more on that later), bean and boo and i made our way south (somehow we always end up in north carolina in the hottest part of the summer!) to see this little family:

well, ellen and david really went and had a baby!  it was strange to imagine them as parents until we arrived and saw them with stella.  she's two weeks old and pretty easy going.  my mom has been here for about a week (she's leaving this afternoon) giving massages, holding stella, changing diapers, helping around the house, walking miles and feeding the sleepy parents of this baby.  bean and boo and i are doing our best to be just as helpful.

boo's a natural with stella -- i'll have to get more photos of bean holding her. they're a pretty adorable bunch of cousins.

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Mary said...

oooh, i just miss everyone there !! fun to see these adorable photos xoxo