Thursday, July 17, 2008


besides following the exciting adventures of miss stella kate from afar, things have been all slow and summery around here.

boo's finishing up his movie camp this week, with a big premiere on friday night.

bean's been studying german, working on various radio projects, and recovering from an endless summer cold.

i've been stitching my heart out -- we're up to five whole foods stores now (including portland), as well as a couple of other local places. and one place in brooklyn that loves us, too!

i gave minnow a haircut. he looks cute, but sort of like...his mom gave him a haircut.

bean and i amused ourselves recently by watching eight episodes of square pegs in rapid succession. she's also been reading scholarly texts while i catch up on new yorkers.

m took some gorgeous photos for seabags which featured bean's stylish bike in them -- when he's not looking, i'll steal a picture and post it here.

what else? guzzling the cold-brewed iced decaf... mastering pizza on the grill... the liberry reopened after a two-week closure (but now it's closed sundays and mondays forevermore)...

our most exciting news is that bean and boo and i are going on a little roadtrip the day after tomorrow. we'll drive down to baltimore to spend a few days with our old friends the hullingers, and then continue south to stella's house!

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