Saturday, May 17, 2008


boo's beautiful pasta, above.

below, among the not-so ugly sights in my overgrown yard:

i can't remember what this big plant is, but it loves the shady spots in our yard and its foliage is really nice.

our forget-me-nots go crazy every spring, and they don't care if we weed or water or totally ignore. a good quality in a plant.

this morning i walked over to the farmer's market for the first time this year. i bought three basil plants from an organic farmer -- our plan is to plant almost all of our pots with basil and consume copious amounts of pesto this summer. in the foreground, note the bowl of fiddleheads, also purchased at the farmer's market. after living in maine for nine years, i am proud to say that i have finally eaten fiddleheads! i mean to buy some every spring, but the season is always over before i get organized...the same thing has happened year after year with my intention to pick strawberries. just about this time last year, i watched ms. hannah barnes eat a bowl of freshly steamed fiddleheads, and they looked awfully tasty. i cooked these by boiling them for ten minutes and then quickly sauteeing them with earth balance and lots of garlic. they were delicious.


Adam said...

What are they? They look like green worms.

Liz Woodbury said...

they're basically baby, unfurled ferns!

Adam said...

And they're edible?? Cool!