Friday, February 22, 2008

bean's pretty nose

today bean paid this guy money to poke a hole in her nose with a needle!

her friend vampira did it too, and they looked lovely, nose-ringed, and perfectly pleased with themselves afterward:

confession: i couldn't watch either piercing. i held bean's hand, but i had to turn my head away. but the guy who did it was very sweet, and they both said it didn't hurt a bit. and it really does look pretty!


Anonymous said...

so cute. i wouldn't be able to watch, either.

Michael said...

It looks good on her!
where did you go? is she liking it?

Liz Woodbury said...

at brave soul in gorham -- the guy at pins and needles wouldn't pierce anyone under 16, even with parents' permission! she really likes it, and i think it looks great.

Mary said...

she DOES look great - reminds me of Holly's pretty nose !