Friday, February 22, 2008

thursday with the sweeties

m was home yesterday, which resulted in a day full of fabulous fun! boo, robot, and pink got to go sledding at the golf course:

and then my mom took us all out to dinner at flatbread. we were surprised at how long the wait was for a table on a thursday night in february (most of us huddled in front of the brick oven while we waited), and then there was another long, hungry wait for our pizzas to arrive.

a hungry m and an even hungrier robot:

a hungry pink and a hungry boo:

when it finally arrived, our pizza was delicious, and we ate every last bite.

our original plan was to drive to cambridge with kids and dogs and nintendo gadgets and snacks this morning, but we got a bit of a snowstorm and decided to wait until tomorrow morning. pop took the bus up to portland so he could spend most of today with us. bean had a special adventure this afternoon (more on that soon!) and mom and i cooked up a huge batch of curried veggies and tofu and rice for dinner. there were a lot of electronic toys and games being played with today as everyone hibernated somewhat. we are loving every second with the sweeties, and don't want to send them back to california on sunday!!

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