Wednesday, February 27, 2008

more weekend highlights

we're still getting over the loss of our sweeties, who we had to send back to california on sunday. we had the oscars to distract us that first night, but the rest of this week has been a struggle. this morning we awoke to a bunch of heavy, wet snow (yet not enough for a special wish day, alas). i must've looked pretty pitiful shoveling this morning, because a very nice man with a plow swooped into my driveway and cleared it for me!!

so here are some highlights from our last couple of days with pink and robot:

sleepy cousins in boo's room:

in cambridge, bean and her pop paged through a scrapbook from the trip he took (via boat) to europe when he was just a bit older than bean is now:

a snowy pause en route to ghandi for indian food:

now you see them,...

now you don't!


Artemis said...

iwh looks really mad about the snow in that picture. Don't worry!! I've had the same look on my face since after the first snow!!

Adam said...

Thanks for blogging about o & j's trip! I miss you guys so much!


Liz Woodbury said...

we miss you too -- and your sweeties.

Mary said...

and I keep returning to that bench....looking for the sweeties !!