Monday, August 27, 2007

birthday month

happy fifteenth to miss gliss!!

happy sweet sixteenth to artemis!!

happy twelfth to the girl now known as animal lover (she was crazy when she was eleven)!!

last night we met artemis and her family for the third (?) annual birthday-picnic-at- kettle-cove. it never seems to rain on artemis's birthday... below, bean, artemis, and dancer lady stroll on the beach at sunset.

artemis got a video camera for her birthday! here is boo, examining it:

later, bean and m went to hear some music with chad and kellen. we went by their place to pick them up, and i got to hang with the cool kids on winter street for a little bit:


Anonymous said...

hey i just wrote to tom allen about horse slaughter factories

Animal lover

margot said...

yeah, i heard about that! that's awesome.