Thursday, May 31, 2007

trash day

okay, i know that certain of my readers are jonesing for a photo of interspecies love, so i've provided the above picture of a sheep and a dog who are best friends. i think minnow really wants a sheep who would rest his chin on min's head like that. this photograph is courtesy of a blog called let's be friends, and i can name at least one person who will click on that link and be swept away by the adorableness.

today is trash day, but i don't know why i mention that. except that with the relaxed recycling rules, the contents of our recycling bin are exceeding those of our garbage can. oh, maybe the dumpster has something to do with that too. speaking of which, the dumpster will be hauled away very soon, probably monday. m has been doing the demolition work on our garage which is one of the reasons we got the dumpster in the first place, and which needs to be done if we're ever to 1) get our garage door fixed so that it can be opened from the outside and 2) someday actually park the car in there. the work really sucks, and at the end of yesterday he looked like he had worked all day in a coal mine. except, the coal would be white. a chalk mine, maybe.


David said...

i really like the photo of the dog and fawn on that site too. i hope m is wearing his mask and goggles!

Liz Woodbury said...

yes, i promise -- he's all protected. plus, we sealed off the door into the kitchen with duct tape to keep ourselves from being poisoned.

would miles like a little fawn to play with?