Friday, June 01, 2007

i liked wheatberries five years ago

i lie. i've never cooked wheatberries, or even given them much thought, before this week. however, they seem to be everywhere lately (kind of like no-knead bread -- are wheatberries the new no-knead bread?), including on this blog, which david showed me. since then, he and ellen have cooked the recipe mentioned there; and i have sworn off ruhlman since his anti-vegan rant. sample lines:

"veganism is a colossal arrogance, a refusal to admit to our own nature, a denial of our humanity. sometimes it kills people. and it's not very much fun, besides."

i tried two recipes, the barefoot contessa's wheatberry salad, and a wheatberries with pecans recipe that's more like a warm side dish. the salad is delicious, although the instructions call for cooking them over low heat for 45 minutes, and i cooked mine for more like an hour and a half, and they still weren't quite soft enough. the balsamic vinegar with the warm sauteed red onion and warm wheatberries and olive oil -- yum. and it's all crunchy and good, and sweet and savory. the second recipe is delicious too, if more plain and unadorned. this time i soaked the wheatberries overnight and then cooked them about an hour, and they came out perfectly.

i think i've broken the record for number of "wheatberry" references in one post. and my spell checker doesn't like it one bit.


Ellen said...

Did you use hard or soft wheatberries? We used the soft ones, and they cooked pretty quickly. They were a lot like barley.

Liz Woodbury said...

i used hard wheatberries, and i'm pretty sure that's what both recipes called for...maybe i'll try soft ones next time!