Monday, April 09, 2007

technological first grader

i forgot to mention that several weeks ago, my friend janet gave me un grand cadeau: the stylish crocs which had caught my eye! they are silver and very chic (although crocs). and no, i don't actually have too many shoes.

i hadn't posted about it before because i am, in fact, a technological first grader. although i have a bit of a reputation among the hip 10-15 year olds i know as a blog guru, i don't actually know how to do much of anything. i can write the code to open a link in a new window, but that's about my biggest claim to fame. without my trusty sidekick, my picture-ma-phone, i am unable to post photos to my blog. unless a certain someone helps me. thus, i haven't been able to photograph my feet. i can use the camera, i just don't know how to attach the cord thingy to the computer and then figure out where the pictures went on the computer and then get the pictures to my blog. i am willing to learn, though, which is why i'm no longer a technological kindergartener.

the easter bell flew in from rome yesterday and brought of the chocolate! also, jelly bellies, little candles, and many other pretties, using these as easter baskets. such a clever bell!

on saturday night, dancer lady and her offspring came over to play games. if bean had been quicker with the video camera, you could see the scary thing that happens when three adults pantomime the word "popcorn."

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