Monday, April 02, 2007

lulu weekend

we spent sunday in cambridge with lulu and her people. she is an amazingly calm, sweet, soulful dog. while she did demonstrate her hound nature (her nose led her under a fence at the supposedly fenced-in dog park), she has the adoring gaze of a very grateful rescued dog and a tendency to lean in for a hug (though she's not a licker).

here she is giving artemis some love:

we took a long walk in the springtime sunshine. note lulu's smile, below with the minnow:

more highlights from our day -- my favorite nook of cambridge, this weird warehouse area near some m.i.t. labs:

boo in front of my favorite building.

iced coffee at peet's in harvard square:

we took a picnic to a sweet park near central square. the "grass" below is astroturf, which was so nice that i now want to cover my back yard in it. seriously. and there was this great metal slidey thing too:

hmm, what's wrong with this picture?


Anonymous said...

aw, these are all wonderful ! what a fun day ! Come back ! Hope artemis has recovered !!


AnonymousNancy said...

Beautiful pictures! Its great to see Lulu in her new home!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Lulu is pretty darn cute, as is your whole family!

Michael said...

oooh... that's where you got the "grass" idea. thought you found a new love for Fitzpatrick Stadium.

congrats to Lulu and her new family