Saturday, March 31, 2007

puppy love

i tried to create a link to my mom's google calendar page for next week, to demonstrate vividly how obsessed she is with her new love, lulu.

i was unable to do this without violating her privacy and mine as well (and most other members of my family, as our google calendars are all interconnected). however, let me just say that the word "lulu" appears at least twice each day, and a record four times on sunday, april first. example: "clean lulu's ears. lulu ear meds. lulu frontline." she forgot to write things like "gaze at lulu sleeping." "talk babytalk to lulu." "scratch behind lulu's ears." "call people on the phone and tell them what lulu's doing."

we get to meet her tonight! i'll take some pictures. with bean's camera, that is, otherwise, lulu would resemble a green zombie dog from the future. like this one:


Mary said...

poor green minnow ! I love the labels for this post: mom zombies dogs ! Yes, it's all true !

David said...

I can't wait to see more photos of Lulu!!!